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Black Holes

Janna Levin has a new book out! Can’t wait to read it.


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A World Without Irony?

All this talk about the world coming to an end reminds me that I once had an interior designer named Daniel who had MASSIVE  angel wings tattooed on his back.  One afternoon we were looking at fabric swatches, and I made the mistake of asking him about them.  The conversation went something like this.

Me: So, what made you want to get those big wings on your back?

Daniel: I’m an angel.

Me: (laughing) Yeah, right.  (beat) No, really…

Daniel: No, I’m an angel.  Actually, I’m an arch angel.

Me: Huh.

At which point I was alternately considering the following two ideas: Either he was completely crazy or, he was in fact an arch angel in which case it was probably a good idea to be on his good side.

Me: How did you learn that you were an angel?

The rest of the conversation went something like this:

He was working as a makeup artist on the TV show Roseanne.  One day, Roseanne brought in her personal psychic to do a reading for all the employees.  R’s personal psychic was an obese woman, whose name escapes me – although Barbara seems to ring a bell.  Daniel and Barbara met and it was ‘magic’ because their souls recognized one another.  It turned out they had been some sort of conjoined holy couple when the universe began.  He was the male, she was the female and they had different names.  Hers was Esmerelda, but his name was more of a sound.  It was like a cross between Superman’s father’s name, and the sound a vuvuzela makes.  They ended up quitting their day jobs and went on a one year road trip in a Winnebago, where they would go in and out of their twin alter egos, hugging trees (literally) and preaching to people that the end of the world was near.  He also mentioned that when Barbara was her alter soul ego she could run extremely quickly despite her girth.

Me: Wow.  So, what’s going to happen?  Are we all going to die?

Him: No, nothing like that.  Basically, money will become a thing of the past.

Me: So, how will we get goods?

Him: Barter.

Me: I like the sound of that.

Him: Yeah, people will become kinder, and there will be no irony anymore.

Me: What?! No irony?!  What are we going to turn into a bunch of Jedediah Purdy clones?

Him: You’ll be fine… I think we should go with the chenille.

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On Happiness

43 days to go, and I’m trying to figure out if we can put a blow up mattress in the Element because the idea of a tent is filling me with dread…

Today I watched some footage from Coachella 09, and I was stuck by how genuinely excited the fans seemed.  They were just so overwhelmed by the urge to celebrate…  In truth, I can’t remember the last time I felt giddy, unrestrainable joy. Even when I sold my first screenplay, which was a pretty life altering moment, my happiness was mingled with the realization that I was now in the enviable predicament that all writer’s face: I was only as good as my last piece of work.  So while I was amazed that I had actually sold a script, I was at the same time daunted by the fact that I had to deliver on a re-write – and do it in 6 weeks.

My mother says I’ve always been this way, but I do remember being so excited when guitarist Mike Stern would be playing at the 55 Bar.   I couldn’t wait to go to that little basement dive and listen to him wail on a b flat blues like he was the reincarnation of Hendrix himself. The energy was so palpable.  Likewise, attending Police concerts was a very joyous thing to me.   I loved how connected I would feel when Sting did that simple ‘eo-oh-oh’ thing.  It’s like those vowels created a link between us all.  It was very abstract and shamanic and at times, almost magical. Continue reading

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Water Towers



One of my favorite figures from fiction is Klara Sax, and I often think about her in the desert painting her airplanes… I’d love to do something similar only my thing would be to paint all the water towers in Manhattan… Imagine how lovely that would look…

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And We Wonder…

Fast Food Nation

…why we are a nation of blimps.

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A Day in the Life (September 19, 2009)

 I’ve decided to start keeping more lists of things that I’ve done because I find that I spend a lot of time telling myself that I’ve managed to really do nothing…  I’d like to eventually figure out how to turn this into some sort of cool graph but until then a simple list will have to suffice.

Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O'Keeffe


1. Got up 

2. Got my period

3. Made coffee

4. Spilled coffee

5.  Made more coffee

6. Got dressed, put on makeup

7. Picked up my son Liam from his dad’s house.

8. Dropped off Liam at school

9. Returned  home.  Spoke to head of club soccer team about a few things (just took over team manager job)

10. Sent out a few emails for club soccer

11. Turned phone off

12. Worked on re-write for Chapter 16 of new book

13. Wondered if it was any good

14. Picked up dogs from groomer.  Lily had horrible heat rash.

15. Made appointment with the vet

16. Continued to work on Chapter 16

17. Took phone call from my daughter’s soccer coach

18. Had lunch.  PB&J on crackers.

19. Vacuumed

20. Did dishes

21. Did 2 loads of laundry washer/dryer

22. Moved my daughter Peyton to an earlier art class (phone call) 

23. Got fingerprinted so I could be Team Manager for Peyton’s soccer team.

24. Picked up dog food (PetCo)

25. Picked up goal keeper gloves for Peyton’s team (Big 5)

26. Drove to Peyton’s school.  Called my mom from parking lot before bell rang.

27. Chatted with mom

28. Took Peyton to art class

29.  Ran and got her bagel and water.  Split bagel with her

30. Drove home.  Got Lily (sick dog)

30a.  Phoned Agent Huddle about Paramount job while in car

31.  Went to Vet

32. Held down Lily while they gave her shot.  Got slammed in face when she jumped back.

33. Back home.  Fed dogs gave meds to Lily.

34. Emailed Peyton’s soccer team.  Emailed producer on potential job at Fox to set up meeting with Director.

35. Did more laundry.

36. Brief rest (passed out) on Pilates reformer in garage while laundry tumbled (surprisingly comfortable)

37.  Ordered Chinese

38. Picked up Chinese

38a. Ate Chinese

39. Got last minute emails from team regarding player who would be late to game.  Flurry of emails and texts followed

40. Began to question ultimate meaning of life.

41. Read about Georgia O’Keeffe and was disappointed to learn she was something of an opportunist, or at least more calculating about her work than I would have liked to believe.

42. Fretted about writing and life. 

43. Considered checking out the Georgia O’Keeffe online exhibit at the Whitney but decided not to.

44. Went to bed.  Tried not to think.  Hoped it was all just hormonal.

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I Blame Joy…

Joy from Oh Joy! is at one time my favorite purveyor of good taste but at the same time she makes me quasi mental because I keep spending cash money based on her posts.  But frankly, it’s worth it…  Check out my latest acquisition.  Think the b.b.f.e.* will especially appreciate this one.  London-map-close-up

*best boyfriend ever



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