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Modernism = Experience + Quality = The Fourth Dimension

CorseMExplication of Presence: The process of making something clear.  It’s not just about emotion – it also includes texture, experience, quality and the feel of things.

Awareness of Perception: Doesn’t so much lead one to the next as it folds one inside the other, like the process of thinking.  (This is not about metaphor)

Art is about the aesthetic perception of the viewer. The way the sun strikes a building at a particular time of day can be art. It’s about entering into the space vs trying to impose the space to fit our narrative will.

The Old Values of the world – the humanistic values that we hold so dear – don’t speak to presence and perception.

Metaphor is limiting in terms of experience because it doesn’t fully get to the meaning of things.

The irony for most artists is that aesthetic is rooted in experience so work needs to exist in order to be experienced.

Change is the most basic dynamic of our universe and our spaces need to do more to create acceptance of this. Everything in life is continuing, ongoing and unfurling. This is not a world view shaped by existential angst but by phenomenological wonder. It’s about becoming not being. Living your curiosity. Tapping into potential. Setting in motion your own meaning.

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