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Gary Numan’s Car

Vince Noir is friends with Gary Numan... I love that!

11 days to Coachella, and my mother’s mantra is… bring toilet paper

I love how in a way I’m becoming my mother.   I say this because I had this huge conversation the other night with a friend about why Gary Numan was an unintentional genius and how his patented synth slap from Cars was like some sort of bekon call to my generation, and how I also believed that it was a pre-curser to the Law and Order chung-chung.

My friend of course seemed confused, which I dismissed as idiocy, until I realized later that I kept referring to Gary Numan as Randy Newman.  This means that for the entire conversation my friend thought I was talking about the slightly bloated, raspy-voiced singer who opines that short people have no reason to live; and that in mentioning Cars he thought I was talking about the animated Disney movie.  So, this is really something of a clarification, although in my defense I knew who I was talking about. Continue reading

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The Line Up…

56 days and counting…

Here’s what I know.  David Guetta is always enjoyable.  I run to him all the time.  Maybe I can run around the tent during his set.  Jay Z seems like he’s a nice husband, he doesn’t mind when Beyonce gets all that cellulite on her thighs during her vacation months.  Also, I always loved the idea of the Black Album — or was it the Grey Album (or was that DangerMouse) but I’ve never heard either, so I suppose both are on my list.  I wonder if they are the musical equivalent of the Whites and the Grays in architecture.

John Waters is odd, and even though I try to get his humor I don’t really.  It must be a Baltimore thing, although Barry Levinson is a Baltimore thing and I get him.

Mutemath is supposed to be really cool in an important kind of way —  at least my musician friend Jeff in NYC seems to think so and he’s always right about these types of things.

Corinne Bailey Rae’s husband died fairly recently, her album will probably be depressing.  Corinne at her happiest is still fairly depressing with that Billie Holiday rasp of hers.

Thom Yorke was the lead singer of Radiohead, or maybe he still is.  I don’t think I’ve ever listened to Radiohead but like most 40-something white people who want to appear cool, I pretend to listen to them.  But what’s with the question marks.  Does this mean he may not play?  Also, when I check out the Radiohead website I have the urge to start a hydroponic garden.

There’s a Vampire Weekend CD in the car but I’ve never listened to it.  Public Image Limited? Are they from the 80s – because for the most part I only listened to The Police in the 80s?  Still, I feel like I’m confusing them with another band.  Are they related to Spandaux Ballet? I don’t think I ever listened to them either. Who were the ones in that movie The Krays and what was with the toy alligators?  I always felt they signified something even though Tubbs says they don’t.

Spoon.  I love Spoon.  I used their songs for a few trailers I did for my first book.  They’re from Texas but they sound English. Sly Stone.  I love Sly Stone but have to wonder if the Family will be joining him.  For the record, Sly Stone was the second album I ever owned (the first being Best of Bee Gees pre that Saturday Night Fever crap).

Gary Numan – I only know his one song CARS and what’s not to love with that heavy synth hook.  I also love how Vince Noir on  The Mighty Boosh is always referencing him – and if you haven’t seen The Mighty Boosh rent it, it’s genius.  In one episode,  Gary Numan lent Vince his  jet so he could get to the North Pole.  Gary is cool like that.

Next up for Monday: I start listening to my mixes.  Plus some Oliver Sacks stuff on neurology and music, and a brief rundown regarding my 80’s Police obsession.

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