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Rules of the Game (part 1)

22 days to Coachella…

When I was a kid studying Tae Kwon Do, the first rule I learned was that there were nineteen rules that had to be rattled off before class could even begin.

At the start of class, we would line up in front of our sabumnim, Master Bai and recite them from memory.

I had hoped for a more esoteric, Confucian, Art of War meets Fortune Cookie-esque set of rules (Respect your enemy; Consider all vantage points before moving toward the goal; You will have great success at an early age; Never play leap frog with a unicorn)  But Koreans, being the pragmatists of the Asian world, had a far more grounded outlook. As such, the rules began with the following:

1 – No smoking in the DoJang at any time

2 – No gum-chewing in class

3 – No profanity in class

4 – No jewelry is to be worn during class

I guessed that these were meant to keep the DoJang from degenerating into a smoke-filled dump, frequented by gum-chewing, potty mouths, swathed in bling. Continue reading

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Musical Primates

44 days to go and I still don’t know who will be watching the dogs…

Gorillaz is a virtual cartoon-character based hip-hop band created by Damon Albarn (of Blur aka arch nemesis of Oasis) and Jamie Hewlett who I think created Tank Girl (which I never saw or read).  It’s very infectious.  Sort of Buena Vista Social Club meets Mingus Dynasty Band meets Bootsy Collins if I may be so bold.

This is very groovy music to listen to in a club.  Particularly if you are love with a boy and wondering how your life is going to turn out.  Between the tripped out music and the indifferent vocals, it’s practically French.  Frankly, I love it but as I think about Coachella, I come back to the idea of standing through an entire set.  Here’s the truth, I sit a lot when I write, but the rest of the time I’m on my feet.  In fact, I am constantly on my feet; undoing the dishawasher, going to the supermarket, straightening up, cooking, etc. Honestly, I rarely get any time to sit (pull out the violins now). I’m wondering if I could lobby for some sort of seating section. Continue reading

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