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The Rules of the Game (part 2)

This type of tomfoolery is probably not allowed at Coachella

This type of tomfoolery is not permitted at Coachella

21 days to go until Coachella, so let’s take a look at the rules.

NO Instruments

(especially drums!!!)

This is strange, and something I’m not familiar with. At what point did bringing drums to a concert ever become an option?  Only Hari Krishna’s would travel with drums.  I don’t recall ever attending a concert and seeing people carting in drums.  I’m wondering if this is somehow tangentially related to the Matthew McConaughey naked bongo playing incident of 1999.

NO Knives / Weapons Etc.

I’m guessing this is to stave off Indie v Alt turf wars.

NO Chains / Chain Wallets

Are the concert promoters familiar with the general fan base?  This is not a Judas Priest marathon.

NO Blankets

Clearly, they are against any form of sitting during the concert, although this is probably in response to stampede issues.  Although what moron sits on a blanket while everyone else is standing, and frankly they should insist people bring blankets.  Everyone sits, no one gets hurt – there’s a reason why Kindergarten teachers do this.   Actually, now that I consider it, the no blanket rule may  function to prevent fornication during concerts.  I guess Tubbs and I won’t be recreating the birth of the Beer Goddess during the Gil-Scott Heron concert (which is really a drag). Continue reading



Indie vs Alt: A Breakdown of Sorts

It is my humble opinion that 'Indie' and 'Alt' and all the sub-genres spawned by them are a form of subterfuge designed to confuse people over the age of 37

I believe that the terms 'indie' and 'alt', and the multitude of sub-genres spawned by them, are a form of subterfuge designed to confuse people over the age of 35.

38 days until Coachella…


Primal Origin: A holy trinity of sorts involving the creation of The Sex Pistols, the release of Patti Smith’s Horses and Lou Reed’s Metal Machine.

Birth: R.E.M.

Favorite Son: Kurt Kobain

Aesthetic: Multi-culturalism fused with junk culture.

Source of Angst: Drug use, depression, the environment (and of course a smattering of teen angst).

Credo: Screw the media, screw the man… Although it’s okay to be famous if you dress down.

Band Names: Single words that bear no meaning, or combination of words that signify nothing.  If all else fails, use of Band Name Generator is acceptable.

Fan base: Liberal Arts Majors

Fan base aesthetic: Boys: Skater chic.  Girls: Nylon magazine.

Life blood: Shows in Clubs (preferably crappy ones) because Music Festivals no longer feel authentic.

Minor Dieties: Ska, Post-Punk, Skater-Punk, Pop-Punk

Harbinger of Doom: Coldplay


Primal Origin : Velvet Underground

Birth: Elliot Smith

Favorite Son: Jack White

Source of Angst: Whiny vocals focused on lost love, mean parents and other teenage issues. Continue reading