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My Amygdala and the Hope for Future Social Bonding (through music)

46 days to go…

According to neuroscientist, Daniel Levitin, fourteen is the turning point for all our future musical references.  This explains why I feel intense nostalgia when I hear Elvis Costello, The Police, or the Clash.  According to the experts, fourteen is the start of true self-discovery; when we first start to think our parents are screwed; when life becomes incredibly emotionally charged.

Back then, I would spend hours memorizing lyrics and interpretting meaning to songs, where there probably were none.  As a result, my amygdala and neurotransmitters acted in concert to tag those memories as something important.  The music I listened to during this time became part of my identity.  It allowed me to create unique social bonds, and helped me to become my own person.

These days,  I no longer use music as a vehicle for social bonding,  frankly it would be embarassing if the moms in the parking lot all hung out cranking tunes together.  If nothing else it would horrify our kids.  But, having said that, I’m pleased to admit that I had a bit of a moment the other night while listening to LCD Soundsystem. Continue reading

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