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Queenie and Me

One of the cooler things to happen to me so far this summer, was that I had the pleasure of meeting a very dramatic emu named Queenie.  I’ve never met an emu before, and my only frame of reference was the attacking emus in Dude Where’s My Car, but Queenie lived up to her name.  She was like an aging Hollywood starlet.  She would follow you around, but the moment you looked at her, she would look away.  I miss Queenie, and the somber drumbeat sound that she would make as she walked around.  Hopefully, I’ll see her again soon.

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The Apple of My Eye

If you’re like me, waking up on a Saturday morning to a mess of blood, bird feathers, and a decapitated carcass, is not your idea of a good time.  Unfortunately, we have this cat Apple who suffers from blood lust. In the last month we have counted 7 rats (she leaves us the tails and intestines), 4 mice (decapitated of course), 1 snake (or large lizard, it was hard to tell), 1 baby rabbit (which was alive and screaming in the house and hid under the bed until we found it – legs broken), 3 mid sized rabbits (again, we were left hearts and intestines), and 4 birds (2 decapitated).  All this from little Apple!

Cats are natural born hunters.  They were first domesticated thousands of years ago, when people first start growing crops and storing food.  The cat’s extraordinary hunting ability played an important role in controlling rodent problems.  Over the years, of course, and with better pest control available, the role of cats in our society has changed significantly.  However, Apple never got this memo and remains a lean, mean, killing machine.

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