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Have a Happy Day!

My mom recently told me that prior to the early 1970s, no one ever said “Have a nice day” to one another.  I’m not sure I believe this, because I find it hard to believe that people did not use this parting salutation prior to the 70s.  But according to my mom, they only said things like, “see you soon”,  “thank you”, “good-bye” and “take care”.  I should probably add that my mother hates when people tell her to “have a nice day” – she finds this ‘pushy’ and ‘presumptuous’.  As she likes to say, “What if I want to have a crappy day?”

After doing a little research, I think she might be confusing this with the saying “Have a Happy Day” and the advent of the smiley face button fad which happened in the late 1960s and peaked in the early 70s.   Apparently two fad designers were looking for a peace symbol-like item with more general appeal and thus was born the insipid pre-frontal lobotomy smiley face and the HAVE A HAPPY DAY salutation that so annoys my mom…


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Homage to Josef Albers

I admit, it’s not every person who sits around wondering … how could I pay homage to Josef Albers? But there are some of us out there.

For  Francesco Vezzoli the answer is to needlepoint Albers’ color studies.

I’m not really sure how to classify Vezzoli as an artist except to say he’s wildly ironic, and terribly eclectic. I do love the idea of his  non fragrance GREED – which came complete with a Polanski directed commercial.

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