Summer Reads

The Great Gatsbysummer romantic arrogant egotism war yellow insincerity skepticism  desolate  ashes obscure  blindness supercilious  violence  drunk husband  music prodigality  ghost understudy  money elemental  cocktail kill  alone curiosity virous discordant  violent nightingale wreck emptiness  affairs   flicker metropolitan  conceal  dishonest disadvantage  subterfuge careless honest purposeless  bootleg flowers restlessness  undefined  roaring months sentimental blazed  bleared possessions  idea illusion  gambler windows rain  metricious invent  conception  imagination  unreality ambitious appalled recover alone possibilities wonder incommunicable dream cool suspicious afraid car dead tragic hollow intimacy green conspiring reality clutching melancholy grail imprisons grey murder forlorn watchers amorphous adventitious careless identity grief pride wonder black east past.

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