Right on Schedule

3 days to go… I feel I spiral coming.

I find free time to be problematic, as if I’m wasting time and I shouldn’t do that.  I’m not exactly sure why, but keeping busy, and being productive is sort of a mandate with me.  It’s not like I’ve got some Puritan Guilt thing, nor am I someone who has issues with pleasure, I guess I just find pleasure in being busy.  The problem is I exhaust myself, which is what happened today.  Seven loads of laundry, and the car is filled to the brim with stuff for Goodwill since I decided to rip apart the garage, and two closets.  Why can’t I just be the type of person who just comes home and has a cup of tea and glances at a magazine?

Oh well.  I did manage to get my Coachella schedule together.   Yes, I had to make some choices, but none of them were that tough.  Spoon vs Mutemath would have been tough – but thankfully I wasn’t forced into that corner.

p.s. – If you haven’t ever checked out Hypnotic Brass Ensemble I suggest you do.  They’re sort of like Blood Sweat and Tears without the vocals.  Hard not to love a band that has the tuba laying down all the grooves.  They remind me of Jaco Pastorius for some reason.

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