Gimme Shelter (part 2): We go to Target

In my world color is key...

16 days until Coachella.  How is this possible? I’m so not prepared…

We  finally go to Target.  The best part about the tent selection are the tiny miniatures that line the top shelf.  I love them! I want to shrink myself down and live in them.   I love small things for some reason.  When I was little I had a dollhouse but instead of human figures it had mice.  I often wonder what happened to that.  Anyway, I tell T (who also likes small things) that I think the mini tents are adorable but he tells me they’re practical.  They have the models so people don’t open the tents up in the store.  I didn’t think of this.

I start perusing the selection.  The first tent I spot is yellow, and has a tunnel and a hole for a telescope which seems fantastic, especially since we’re going to be in Indio.  Maybe there’s a meteor shower scheduled for that night.

Him: This is children’s tent and we’re not bringing a telescope as we don’t own one, and we’re not spending money on one, and they’re probably against the rules anyway.

He’s no fun, but I’ve already moved on to the Eddie Bower four person tent, with the Astoria Gazebo.

Me: We could have a reading area.

Him: There will be no reading area.

Me: (checking out another) What about the one with the screen porch?

Him: Do you want people to see you sleep?

Me: The Coleman Montana tent… it’s so pretty. I love that shade of green.

Him: It’s 16×7

Me: We have 30 x 10 for the car and the tent, that would fit, right?

Him: It’s too big.  It sleeps 8.  Even with the kids, we’re only four.

Me: (ignoring as I check it out) Look, it has a universal enclosed canopy, and room for a king size blow up bed, and it’s a nice shade of blue.

Him: (ignoring) Look at these tent cots.

Me: They only sleep one, although the yellow piping on the sides is nice.

Him: We could be side by side.

Me:  What if someone tries to bludgen me in my sleep?  You won’t wake up.

I spot another tent, and it’s orange which is a very snazzy color for a tent if you ask me.

Me:  Oh my god, the Coleman family tent.  We could get the one that sleeps 6.  It’s only a 12.7 footprint.  We can totally fit this.  And it’s got a door.  I need a door.

Him: Why do you need a door?

Me: A door will make me happy. Oh, and let’s get a lantern with chargers so I can read at night.

Him: You won’t be reading!

Me: It’s always good to have the option.  We can have a seating area, we can entertain.

Him: Who are we going to entertain?

Me: Guests?

Him: I don’t want any of those Coachella freaks coming into our tent.

I remind myself that when we went to Palm Springs, he was convinced that everyone in our B & B was a swinger, and refused to attend the group ‘movie night’ in the courtyard.

Him: Which are we getting?

Me: I think I want to have another look on Amazon before I make a decision.  But we’re definitely going with something in orange.

Him: So this was all about tent color?

Me: Of course.  I’m not going to have a drab tent.  That would be depressing.  Just for kicks lets go look at the kiddie toilets.

Him: Dear lord, Buckley.

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  1. yah, excellent!
    and Kristen what you said is so true in music too eh?

    You need to familiarize yourself with great screenwriters, just as you would great novelists. Find your favorite screenwriters and imitate them. Transcribe their work. Nora Ephron learned to write screenplays by transcribing William Goldman. I did the same with Ron Bass. Re-writing the work of others gets your brain moving in the right direction. It teaches you how to convey tone and how to hone construct. You will, of course, need to find your own voice, but at least you’ll have a solid foundation to build from.

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