Gimme Shelter

I loved this Yurt... it was spectacular!

18 days to go til Coachella and we have no where to sleep!

We need a tent because the tent in the garage smells like cat pee, and is also missing one of the folding metal thingers needed to hold it up.  Tubbs doesn’t seem to think any of this is a problem, however I am not sleeping in anything that smells like pee, nor am I going to sleep in a semi-erect tent. I have standards.

Although now that I think of it, I really have very little frame of reference when it comes to tents.

I enjoyed the tent in Gladiator that Richard Harris hung out in before he died.  That seemed like a nice tent, very roomy and not at all tent-like – and I enjoyed the carpets and the chaise lounges (this is becoming a theme with me I think).  Last year, I took my daughter to an exhibit in New York at the Cooper Hewitt Musuem on felt. What can I say, my daughter likes fashion and I try to oblige.  I tried to get my son and Tubbs to come (“Come on, what could be better than flying to New York to learn about felt?” – answers varied: “Getting stabbed with a knitting needle.  Being thrown in a vat of boiling oil.  etc…”).   But, I digress…  At the museum they reproduced a Mongolian yurt, and that was fantastic.  So, I could definitely do a yurt, particularly one made by master craftsman from the Mongolian steeps.  But I don’t think I can find anyone to do that on such short notice.

I don’t remember much about the movie Out of Africa (the golden hue from Redford’s hair mezmorized me and it blurred into The Natural, so I can’t really tell the two movies apart) but I believe they had very nice, spacious tents.

Tents were plentiful in the Old Testament (Moses was a big fan).  The Romans also loved them.  In fact, they were so good at setting up camps, their designs became the paradigm layout for towns and cities.   The Vikings set up tents in their boats during long voyages.  Why they didn’t just build a hull and go down there is sort of beyond me?  Actually, if I consider it, people were probably really cold for a very long portion of human history, but no one did a tent like the Ottoman Turks.  They could hold banquets, negoatiate alliances and perform all sorts of ceremonies in them.  They even had baths, en-suite bathrooms, and interiors decorated in silk embroidery.

Tomorrow:  We head to Target with high hopes for a great tent (I have high hopes, Tubbs thinks this is ridiculous).

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