Daily Archives: March 22, 2010

That’s the Way We Get By

Very on the nose, but I couldn't help myself.

25 days to go until Coachella… (According to my peers I should be attending  Michael Buble concerts, but I don’t even know who he is.  Does this make me out of touch or hip? )

One band that I will most definitely be seeing at Coachella is Spoon.  In fact, they are top of the list, or Top Banana, as my boyfriend likes to say.  So why Spoon?  Why the love?  Okay, here’s my deal:  Yes, they are indeed a one trick pony, but they are a fantastic one trick pony.

I love everything about them, from their lyrics…

My eyes are opening again
I see you as you’re marching in
I bring you cover when you’re cold
You bring me youth when I grow old

Do you remember when you were small
How everyone would seem so tall
I am your shadow in the dark
I have your blood inside my heart

Wow.  I have to pause on that.  Who writes lyrics like that? And don’t tell me the Smiths do, because they don’t even come close to that kind of angst.  The Smiths are like Hallmark cards compared to Spoon, and Spoon is more like… Adam Zagajewski set to music. Continue reading