The Sound and the Fury

29 days to go…

Our housekeeper broke her arm and can’t watch the dogs, so the task falls to our friend Ryan aka ‘Ry-Dog’ (I do not call him that), who hopefully has what it takes to handle the two beasts.  In the meantime, I’m hoping to get through the rest of the bands in another week.  Then I am going to make my tentative list, which I think may involve a flow chart, or perhaps a colorful pie chart.  Maybe even mind maps!  I enjoy being organized with this type of thing.  Tubbs feels we should just worry about it when we get there.  However, as I was quick to point out, this same laissez faire approach cost us a reservation at Lupa last time we were in New York.

Wale – good stuff.  He sings that song ‘Change’ with Daniel Merriweather which I really love.  Too bad, Merriweather won’t be joining him.  Still, he’s sort of old school funky, so maybe…

Bass Nector – My cortisol levels shot through the roof on this one.  No techno for me.

Dirty Projectors – Experimental out of Brooklyn, which can run the gamut from cool to douche bag – depending.  On their web site, they claim Nietzsche, Grover Washington, Jr. and the sierpinski gasket (which I think is some sort of mathematically generated pattern) as their influences.  Okay, I’m pretty sure they’re douche bags.  At the very least, they’re insufferable, and yet I am filled with the overwhelming urge to check out their backstage holding area to see what they ask for in their rider.   Oh, and I am now considering listing turing machines as one of my influences (if asked).

Flying Lotus – I have listened to the track Roberta Flack (Featuring Dolly) over and over, on the CD in my car for the better part of a year without realizing that it was Flying Lotus aka Steven Ellison — so this was sort of an exciting realization! I love this stuff!  It’s so groovy and atmospheric.  Even better, his aunt is Alice Coltrane (widow of John aka God), and his cousin is Ravi Coltrane, who used to come to my gigs sometimes when I played in NYC.  I find that I tend to like things that have some relevance to me, even if I don’t make the connection at first.

Major Laser – Some DJ guy I don’t know, the music caused instant heart palpatations.

Mew – Dance, Alt Music band also described as Indy Progressive Rock – whatever the F that is.   The label thing is becoming tiresome.  There are too many labels, it’s impossible to keep up.   But they’re Danish, in fact, this is what they should just be labeled.  Danish.  This scares me for a number of reasons that I probably shouldn’t have to explain.  Danes do lovely things with furniture and design, and they have fantastic bone structure, but…I don’t think rock is their thing.   A minor irritation:  They describe themselves as the world’s only Indie Stadium Band and everyone knows that title belongs to Spoon.

Pretty Lights –  When I ask the name of this band Tubbs says, “Derek Vincent Smith – that’s all you need to know.” I go back to my editing, I have no idea what the significane of Derek Vincent Smith is.  They’re okay.  Sort of forgettable if you ask me.

The Dead Weathers – Yes! I like this.  Very much.  And Jack White is in the band, which makes them very cool to me, but at the same time I’m confused because he’s the darling of Indie and this is an Alt Rock/Angry White People kind of thing.  Still, I like them.

Next up: SPOON.  Why they rock my world, and why they may be my favorite band as an adult.

Also a brief rant on the following:  If one more waitress proofs me when I’m with my boyfriend, and then smiles at me and says ‘WOW’, I will kill her.

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