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Indie vs Alt: A Breakdown of Sorts

It is my humble opinion that 'Indie' and 'Alt' and all the sub-genres spawned by them are a form of subterfuge designed to confuse people over the age of 37

I believe that the terms 'indie' and 'alt', and the multitude of sub-genres spawned by them, are a form of subterfuge designed to confuse people over the age of 35.

38 days until Coachella…


Primal Origin: A holy trinity of sorts involving the creation of The Sex Pistols, the release of Patti Smith’s Horses and Lou Reed’s Metal Machine.

Birth: R.E.M.

Favorite Son: Kurt Kobain

Aesthetic: Multi-culturalism fused with junk culture.

Source of Angst: Drug use, depression, the environment (and of course a smattering of teen angst).

Credo: Screw the media, screw the man… Although it’s okay to be famous if you dress down.

Band Names: Single words that bear no meaning, or combination of words that signify nothing.  If all else fails, use of Band Name Generator is acceptable.

Fan base: Liberal Arts Majors

Fan base aesthetic: Boys: Skater chic.  Girls: Nylon magazine.

Life blood: Shows in Clubs (preferably crappy ones) because Music Festivals no longer feel authentic.

Minor Dieties: Ska, Post-Punk, Skater-Punk, Pop-Punk

Harbinger of Doom: Coldplay


Primal Origin : Velvet Underground

Birth: Elliot Smith

Favorite Son: Jack White

Source of Angst: Whiny vocals focused on lost love, mean parents and other teenage issues. Continue reading