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Trivial Pursuits…

39 days to go…  Why are Damon Albarn and I not bffs?

Damon Albarn Trivia

He owns a small percentage of a pub called Kaffebarinn in Reykjavik.

He has a tattoo (a heart with “Mum” written on it) on his arm.

He likes cats.

Like the rest of the band, he used to do Tae Kwon Do (a martial art involving kicking).

The bead necklace he always wears was a present from his mother when he was six, and is supposed to protect him.

He once lied about his A-level results to his parents to get into drama school (East 15, London, which he left prematurely as he thought it was too pretentious).

He grew up in a 14th century bakery.

He lost his virginity to a woman called Jane when he was 15.

He’s a Labour supporter and has spoken to Tony Blair about winning votes from young people.

He’s supposed to be quite good at Italian cooking.

He writes poetry.

Kristen Buckley Trivia

Once worked at the White Horse Tavern, the famed pub where poet Dylan Thomas drank himself to death. She does not own the pub.

She has a tattoo (sans heart) that reads τοκαλον on her arm, which means ‘highest beauty’ in Greek) Continue reading

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