Daily Archives: March 3, 2010

Musical Primates

44 days to go and I still don’t know who will be watching the dogs…

Gorillaz is a virtual cartoon-character based hip-hop band created by Damon Albarn (of Blur aka arch nemesis of Oasis) and Jamie Hewlett who I think created Tank Girl (which I never saw or read).  It’s very infectious.  Sort of Buena Vista Social Club meets Mingus Dynasty Band meets Bootsy Collins if I may be so bold.

This is very groovy music to listen to in a club.  Particularly if you are love with a boy and wondering how your life is going to turn out.  Between the tripped out music and the indifferent vocals, it’s practically French.  Frankly, I love it but as I think about Coachella, I come back to the idea of standing through an entire set.  Here’s the truth, I sit a lot when I write, but the rest of the time I’m on my feet.  In fact, I am constantly on my feet; undoing the dishawasher, going to the supermarket, straightening up, cooking, etc. Honestly, I rarely get any time to sit (pull out the violins now). I’m wondering if I could lobby for some sort of seating section. Continue reading

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