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MUSE n. an instance or period of reflection

"Not only are we playful, we're deep"

45 days to Coachella… (do I really have to do this?)

Muse is one of the main headliners this year so of course I had to spend some time checking them out.  They’re an English pop/power trio who despite being huge in Europe, only gained recognition in the States from their song Supermassive Black Hole (Really? Is that a title? It sounds more like an insult.) on one of the Twilight soundtracks.  They’re songs have good hooks, though sometimes they sound like a cross between Styx and Queen.  Speaking of which, remember Tommy Shaw from Styx? I had a major crush on him…  Actually I think he was sandwiched in between Davie Jones of the Monkees and Johnny Depp (circa 21 Jump Street).  Remember how amazingly cute Johnny Depp was?  I lived for my Sunday night episodes of Jump Street, but god forbid it wasn’t a Johnny Depp centric episode.  I’d sit there just waiting to catch a glimpse of him – and did you ever notice that during those episodes they invariable had him sulking in the station house.   Johnny sulking was better than no Johnny at all…

But I digress.

Muse.  They’re huge in Europe where I’m sure legions of poorly dressed guys in shorts and tube socks pump their fists en masse at their concerts.   Continue reading

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