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Gimme Shelter (part 2): We go to Target

In my world color is key...

16 days until Coachella.  How is this possible? I’m so not prepared…

We  finally go to Target.  The best part about the tent selection are the tiny miniatures that line the top shelf.  I love them! I want to shrink myself down and live in them.   I love small things for some reason.  When I was little I had a dollhouse but instead of human figures it had mice.  I often wonder what happened to that.  Anyway, I tell T (who also likes small things) that I think the mini tents are adorable but he tells me they’re practical.  They have the models so people don’t open the tents up in the store.  I didn’t think of this.

I start perusing the selection.  The first tent I spot is yellow, and has a tunnel and a hole for a telescope which seems fantastic, especially since we’re going to be in Indio.  Maybe there’s a meteor shower scheduled for that night.

Him: This is children’s tent and we’re not bringing a telescope as we don’t own one, and we’re not spending money on one, and they’re probably against the rules anyway.

He’s no fun, but I’ve already moved on to the Eddie Bower four person tent, with the Astoria Gazebo.

Me: We could have a reading area.

Him: There will be no reading area. Continue reading

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Gimme Shelter

I loved this Yurt... it was spectacular!

18 days to go til Coachella and we have no where to sleep!

We need a tent because the tent in the garage smells like cat pee, and is also missing one of the folding metal thingers needed to hold it up.  Tubbs doesn’t seem to think any of this is a problem, however I am not sleeping in anything that smells like pee, nor am I going to sleep in a semi-erect tent. I have standards.

Although now that I think of it, I really have very little frame of reference when it comes to tents.

I enjoyed the tent in Gladiator that Richard Harris hung out in before he died.  That seemed like a nice tent, very roomy and not at all tent-like – and I enjoyed the carpets and the chaise lounges (this is becoming a theme with me I think).  Last year, I took my daughter to an exhibit in New York at the Cooper Hewitt Musuem on felt. What can I say, my daughter likes fashion and I try to oblige.  I tried to get my son and Tubbs to come (“Come on, what could be better than flying to New York to learn about felt?” – answers varied: “Getting stabbed with a knitting needle.  Being thrown in a vat of boiling oil.  etc…”).   But, I digress…  At the museum they reproduced a Mongolian yurt, and that was fantastic.  So, I could definitely do a yurt, particularly one made by master craftsman from the Mongolian steeps.  But I don’t think I can find anyone to do that on such short notice. Continue reading

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The Rules of the Game (part 2)

This type of tomfoolery is probably not allowed at Coachella

This type of tomfoolery is not permitted at Coachella

21 days to go until Coachella, so let’s take a look at the rules.

NO Instruments

(especially drums!!!)

This is strange, and something I’m not familiar with. At what point did bringing drums to a concert ever become an option?  Only Hari Krishna’s would travel with drums.  I don’t recall ever attending a concert and seeing people carting in drums.  I’m wondering if this is somehow tangentially related to the Matthew McConaughey naked bongo playing incident of 1999.

NO Knives / Weapons Etc.

I’m guessing this is to stave off Indie v Alt turf wars.

NO Chains / Chain Wallets

Are the concert promoters familiar with the general fan base?  This is not a Judas Priest marathon.

NO Blankets

Clearly, they are against any form of sitting during the concert, although this is probably in response to stampede issues.  Although what moron sits on a blanket while everyone else is standing, and frankly they should insist people bring blankets.  Everyone sits, no one gets hurt – there’s a reason why Kindergarten teachers do this.   Actually, now that I consider it, the no blanket rule may  function to prevent fornication during concerts.  I guess Tubbs and I won’t be recreating the birth of the Beer Goddess during the Gil-Scott Heron concert (which is really a drag). Continue reading



Rules of the Game (part 1)

22 days to Coachella…

When I was a kid studying Tae Kwon Do, the first rule I learned was that there were nineteen rules that had to be rattled off before class could even begin.

At the start of class, we would line up in front of our sabumnim, Master Bai and recite them from memory.

I had hoped for a more esoteric, Confucian, Art of War meets Fortune Cookie-esque set of rules (Respect your enemy; Consider all vantage points before moving toward the goal; You will have great success at an early age; Never play leap frog with a unicorn)  But Koreans, being the pragmatists of the Asian world, had a far more grounded outlook. As such, the rules began with the following:

1 – No smoking in the DoJang at any time

2 – No gum-chewing in class

3 – No profanity in class

4 – No jewelry is to be worn during class

I guessed that these were meant to keep the DoJang from degenerating into a smoke-filled dump, frequented by gum-chewing, potty mouths, swathed in bling. Continue reading

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proof noun evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact.

Under the Frequently Asked Questions at Coachella (btw 23 days to go…) I have learned that if you want to purchase booze you will be expected to show proof of age.

I don’t get proofed at the supermarket when I buy wine or when I’m out with my girlfriends, but when I go out with my boyfriend, I am always – without fail – proofed.  This means that I will be getting proofed at Coachella, and I hate getting proofed.  Getting proofed makes my blood boil.   Here’s how it usually goes down…

The young waitress comes to the table, and asks if she can get us a drink.  The moment I order a glass of wine, she smiles and asks to see my ID.  I fumble through my bag for my wallet, trying to mask my irritation.  As we both know, this isn’t a compliment.  As much as I may look younger than forty-one, I  certainly don’t look like I’m under twenty one.  No, we both know this is about another kind of proof. Continue reading



That’s the Way We Get By

Very on the nose, but I couldn't help myself.

25 days to go until Coachella… (According to my peers I should be attending  Michael Buble concerts, but I don’t even know who he is.  Does this make me out of touch or hip? )

One band that I will most definitely be seeing at Coachella is Spoon.  In fact, they are top of the list, or Top Banana, as my boyfriend likes to say.  So why Spoon?  Why the love?  Okay, here’s my deal:  Yes, they are indeed a one trick pony, but they are a fantastic one trick pony.

I love everything about them, from their lyrics…

My eyes are opening again
I see you as you’re marching in
I bring you cover when you’re cold
You bring me youth when I grow old

Do you remember when you were small
How everyone would seem so tall
I am your shadow in the dark
I have your blood inside my heart

Wow.  I have to pause on that.  Who writes lyrics like that? And don’t tell me the Smiths do, because they don’t even come close to that kind of angst.  The Smiths are like Hallmark cards compared to Spoon, and Spoon is more like… Adam Zagajewski set to music. Continue reading



The Sound and the Fury

29 days to go…

Our housekeeper broke her arm and can’t watch the dogs, so the task falls to our friend Ryan aka ‘Ry-Dog’ (I do not call him that), who hopefully has what it takes to handle the two beasts.  In the meantime, I’m hoping to get through the rest of the bands in another week.  Then I am going to make my tentative list, which I think may involve a flow chart, or perhaps a colorful pie chart.  Maybe even mind maps!  I enjoy being organized with this type of thing.  Tubbs feels we should just worry about it when we get there.  However, as I was quick to point out, this same laissez faire approach cost us a reservation at Lupa last time we were in New York.

Wale – good stuff.  He sings that song ‘Change’ with Daniel Merriweather which I really love.  Too bad, Merriweather won’t be joining him.  Still, he’s sort of old school funky, so maybe…

Bass Nector – My cortisol levels shot through the roof on this one.  No techno for me.

Dirty Projectors – Experimental out of Brooklyn, which can run the gamut from cool to douche bag – depending.  On their web site, they claim Nietzsche, Grover Washington, Jr. and the sierpinski gasket (which I think is some sort of mathematically generated pattern) as their influences.  Okay, I’m pretty sure they’re douche bags.  At the very least, they’re insufferable, and yet I am filled with the overwhelming urge to check out their backstage holding area to see what they ask for in their rider.   Oh, and I am now considering listing turing machines as one of my influences (if asked).

Flying Lotus – I have listened to the track Roberta Flack (Featuring Dolly) over and over, on the CD in my car for the better part of a year without realizing that it was Flying Lotus aka Steven Ellison — so this was sort of an exciting realization! I love this stuff!  It’s so groovy and atmospheric.  Even better, his aunt is Alice Coltrane (widow of John aka God), and his cousin is Ravi Coltrane, who used to come to my gigs sometimes when I played in NYC.  I find that I tend to like things that have some relevance to me, even if I don’t make the connection at first.

Major Laser – Some DJ guy I don’t know, the music caused instant heart palpatations.

Mew – Dance, Alt Music band also described as Indy Progressive Rock – whatever the F that is.   The label thing is becoming tiresome.  There are too many labels, it’s impossible to keep up.   But they’re Danish, in fact, this is what they should just be labeled.  Danish.  This scares me for a number of reasons that I probably shouldn’t have to explain.  Danes do lovely things with furniture and design, and they have fantastic bone structure, but… Continue reading

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