50 days to go til Coachella


I’ve been hearing about them for the past year or so, every since my friend bassist and Superintendent of Luminous Detail, Jeff Allen called me up and told me I needed to check them out.  But of course, I didn’t check them out.  I kept forgetting their name.  Then every few months when we spoke again, he’d mention them yet again, and I’d always mean to check them out but then I’d get side tracked (kids, work, dogs, etc)… So imagine my surprise when I saw their name on the Coachella lineup!  Jeff has great taste in music in general – except for the time he tried to sell me on some horrendous orchestral CD involving the New York Phil playing Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love.  Last time we spoke, he actually denied any memory of this, but I’m like an elephant and I remember sitting in his dumpy apartment on 91st Street trying to mask my horror as he pawned it off as good music.  I should probably add he also has a strange affinity for ambient space music – of the two notes every four thousand bar variety, where you’re not sure if you’re listening to music or the hum of a carburator five miles away.  Despite those two minor flaws he has fantastic taste in music, and I looked forward to checking out my MuteMath mix on our Sonos system.  And let me tell you…

It was worth the wait!  What a fantastic collage of sound and textures.  They’ve got the obligatory rock anthems, ridiculously catchy hooks, and a lead singer who can actually sing his ass off.  Oh, and the drummer is amazing.  He’s like the bastard child of Stewart Copeland and Neil Peart, who was raised by Steve Jordon.   It’s such a great combination of electro, alternative post-rock, retro-synth rock, actually I’m getting annoyed with all these labels – here’s the deal: They don’t really sound like anyone else.  They don’t sound derivative.  I don’t listen to them and think they could be one band or another.  I don’t confuse them with anyone.  They sound like MuteMath – and whether you like them or not – they’re doing something special.  So…

Verdict: Mutemath is on my list.

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