Neo-Parisian Cool

51 days to go until Coachella…

Charlotte Gainsbourg is officially off the list as well because of the following reasons that only came to light today.

  1. Her mother is English style icon Jane Birkin (whose true claim to fame is that she is the inspiration for the Birkin bag) thus confirming my suspicions that she is only mildly talented and thus the beneficiary of nepotism – something I loathe (unless it involves my children who are supremely talented and I’m not just saying that: They actually are).
  2. She was recently described in Vogue as the ‘guardian of neo- Parisian cool’, when everyone knows the true guardian is really Emilie Simon.
  3. She is getting her own frangrance.  Apparently creative director, Nicolas Ghesquiere (who btw transformed Balenciaga in the best possible sense) has always ‘dreamed’ of doing a perfume with Charlotte .  Really?  Isn’t that just code for ‘they’re sleeping together’, and even if they are not, having a fragrance is so 2005.  I mean Derek Jeter has a fragrance, as does JLo, Beyonce, Britney,  Paris Hilton, Donald Trump…

Coco Chanel would not approve and neither do I.

Next up MUTEMATH:  Now this is hip.



2 responses to “Neo-Parisian Cool

  1. I discovered this site on social bookmarking site. I liked it and gave you a fave! By the way I also

  2. Great article. I’m her biggest fan and now I focus all my weekends working on a fan blog for HER. Did you know that she has a step sister?

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