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The Smiths and How I Reject Their Bullsh*t or: Why I’m Not Going to Hear the Cribs at Coachella

52 days and counting…

Last night my boyfriend took umbrage at my remarks regarding The Cribs.  Apparently, they are ‘brilliant’ and I am simpy misinformed. I believe his exact words were, ‘You will like the Cribs, and you will be seeing the Cribs.”

However, I am not that easily swayed, and have decided to mount an argument in my defense.

I’ll start briefly with the Smiths.  Back in high school, I found them to be annoying.  I didn’t buy their dreary blend of cynicism wrapped up in a cute pop beat bow.  They were like the Jam with pretentious lyrics. In terms of innovation, Elvis Costello was doing a lot more heavy lifting; In terms of excitement, The Specials blew them away in concert.

Like most bands, they broke up over squabbles involving money, and creative differences (namely those of Morrisey and Johnny Marr – the lead guitarist).  Though I suspect Morrissey had to have been a giant pain in the ass.  Anyone who makes a vocal point of abstaining from sex, drugs, alcohol and meat, has to be annoying to be around.  Imagine going on the road with him?  It’s a wonder they lasted for as long as they did.

So, The Smiths break up,  Morrissey goes it alone, campaigning for vegetarianism while his loyal fans dress up like him at his concerts.  It’s all  too wierd for me.  In the meantime, Johnny Marr, wanders around like the Willy Loman of guitarists, playing with The Pretenders (after Honeyman-Scott died), Pet Shop Boys, Talking Heads and Modest Mouse.   Continue reading