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Tulip in a Can

So the very thoughtful boyfriend who enjoys travel goes to Holland.  “What do you want?” he asks… (he’s very good about the gifting)  I say, “Surprise me, please” and he returns with…  A tulip in a can!

Tulip In A CanHonestly, what could be better?! Of course I don’t think I’ll ever open it, because then I’d run the risk of killing it.   I have a black thumb and me+plants typically = death sentence (for the plant of course).  But this tulip in a can is perfect because a)The can has stripes which I love and b) It is the idea of the flower that appeals to me most (i.e. Plato’s forms) and therefore c) It fulfills all my cathartic needs.  

A definite 10 on the gift rating chart.  

Ah… he knows me well.

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