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Notes from My Mom

If you’re like me, then you have a mother who arrives for Sunday dinner with at least three cut out newspaper articles (neatly affixed with paperclips), free pamphlets from recent art exhibitions (in a myriad of languages in the event that you have the urge to read about the Norton Simon Museum’s latest installment in French or Greek), and 5-9 pages of typed notes on recent historical facts that she has been reading about over the course of the week.  Mind you, in addition to having both a Masters in Humanities and a PhD from NYU (re. the politics of poetry in the work of Seamus Heaney), my mother is also the President of the Las Angelitas del Pueblo Organization.  There’s no shortage of smarts where she’s concerned.

However, lately she’s been threatening to stop watching TV for a year; though she wonders how she’ll manage without Judge Judy and Stacy and Clinton from whom she refers to as “my friends”.  My stepfather thinks it’s madness mostly because he would have to give up Judy, but he does argue – rightly so – her giving up TV would mean we would be awash in typed memos.  Like the recent eight page doozy on Neolithic towns that she handed me last week.

Here’s a small snippet.  I’ve included her notes verbatim in bold.  My comments are in ital. Continue reading

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