Big Brains

While some people have a favorite movie star that they obsess about, I mentally stalk intellectuals.  For years, my go to guy was Harold Bloom the mac daddy of critical thinking.  And yes, Bloom is still a brilliant bloated star in all ways; but in the last year I’ve ventured out of the cushy confines of lit crit and into the bubbling cauldron of anthropology which was where I found my new favorite intellectual Ian Tattersall…

Like Bloom, Tattersall is a Yalie (he’s also English which is always a plus for me), however unlike Bloom he is also a paleoanthropologist and a biological anthropology curator at the American Museum of Natural History (you have him to thank for the refurbished Hall of Human Origins).  His work on human evolution is brilliant – from Lemurs to Bones and Genomes, to Extinct Species, to Neanderthals…  More than that it’s compulsively readable – check out The World from Beginnings to 4000 BCE  for a great starting point or Bones, Brains and DNA if you have young kids.  

But the best reason to like Ian Tattersall is that he’s a nice guy who takes time out of his busy schedule to help others (and by others I mean me).  Case in point: He gave me great notes for a children’s book on evolution that I am working on.  Even better, he also convinced me that Neanderthals didn’t have language*.  When was the last time someone convinced you of that?

*Apparently their larynx was situated too high up in their throats to allow for proper interaction with the hyoid bone – which is how we are able to speak.


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2 responses to “Big Brains

  1. I’m terribly disappointed about Neanderthals not being able to speak. Damn!

  2. The Grange Hall Editors

    I know. It’s a huge bummer. But they apparently did a lot with vocalization.

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