On a recent trip to NYC, I spotted this drawing by my favorite Puerto Rican, Cornell educated graffiti artist James De La Vega.  I realize De La Vega’s mantra ‘become your dream’ is becoming sort of gimicky – sort of like Jenny Holzer’s truisms – but I still smile when I stumble across his stuff.  This one was written on the side of a broken bookshelf that was just sitting on 94th Street by a pile of trash.  

I personally think some forms of graffiti qualify as art, though here’s an essay that really argues the point.

One of my favorite street artists is TiTo na Rua – I love his stuff.  Just amazing.  His green drummer boy kills me.


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2 responses to “Spottings

  1. Love De La Vega. Used to walk by his old place uptown on my way to teaching..have you been to his store in the East Village? Cheerful and just slightly surreal.

  2. Kristen Buckley

    I’ve never been to the store. I think I’d probably be apt to overbuy and then ruin the experience — this is what happened with Jonathan Adler and me. I had one little special vase, then I went to the store and completely over-bought. But I love stumbling across De La Vega’s… I’d love to stumble across a Banksy.

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